Sweet Good Fortune

Jacob’s Island, a barrier island located on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, is a mysterious place - a seemingly parallel universe where legend has it that an angel once visited.

Enter Shelby Parks, who is spending her vacation on the island to pursue her one diversion in life – bird watching.

Shelby is sophisticated, intelligent and motivated – a successful attorney who seemingly has it all. But she lives in the shadow of her dead husband. Two years and she still grieves – she cannot let him go.

Her guide on the island is Morgan Brooks, an enigmatic figure who is mentally impaired, has no known past, and has a knack for irritating Shelby in every conceivable way. But as time goes by she begins to see something special in this simple and unpretentious man. She also begins to piece together his past - a past that she never could have imagined.

In addition to dealing with Morgan, she finds herself sucked into a vortex of weirdness and the unexplainable…

…Thelma, the cook and housekeeper on the island, only has an eighth-grade education, yet she seems to possess the wisdom of the universe and an omnipotent insight into the human condition…

…Earl and Pincus, the maintenance men, who fancy themselves “inventors.” They continuously devise outlandish contraptions that defy logic, but somehow work as advertised…

… and Turk, the assistant housekeeper and pregnant lesbian who has succumbed to “Billy Ray’s Power.”

The outcome to this romantic comedy is inevitable - all ends well. But getting there is something else.